FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Questions on how to earn money with BBom+?

We have the answers! See the FAQs below!

The Lazy Millionaires are a group of experienced and proactive entrepreneurs, who manage their business from home with the help of the internet. They lead the way for a brighter future for you, for your family and for all of your friends who want to join us.

Due to our group union and practical approach to getting things done, we´re seen as one of the hottest and in-focus teams within the BBom+ community.

We created the Lazy Millionaires to give you a great set of tools, practice and support, apart from those you´ll find within BBom+.


That includes training by the leaders of our team, who will give you goals to achieve every day, conference calls, a private audio-library, marketing tools, group publicity, and the opportunity to see what successful people is doing every day so you can "steal" their secrets!

Our motto is: Enjoy Life & Make a Difference

There is more! We are a motivating, united and fun group who loves to enjoy the best life offers, to go for the sun in the beaches of the world and to develop a business in a lazy way, with friends and family.

Is there anything better?

BBOM+ is a Business Franchising. That means every franchise will benefit from the results obtained from its network. Therefore, you will get bonuses for your team´s performance; the better you and your team work, the more you make.

This new format of selling and distributing, the Multi Micro-Franchising, is a new method where anyone can become an entrepreneur, have their own business and earn an extra income or actually make it their main source of income. To do that, you are offered training, support material, control and support, besides paying-off with a logical structure of binary distribution.

The Micro-franchises include solutions from the EMBRASYSTEM Group and from other partners, who bring quality products resulting in business opportunities. Besides the products, BBOM+ seeks excellence in the support, services and professional solutions in each Micro-franchise.

Who is the Embrasystem Group?

The Embrasystem Group is a Brazilian company in the market for over 17 years, that produces, distributes and providing technological services. They work with qualified and experienced professionals in the direct sales, multi-level marketing and franchising industries. However, as a transparent company, it has a permanent address and available to its partners, clients and whoever interested. This group has no debts, pays its taxes and it´s in compliance with every legislation.

The companies Unepxmil (franchise network), Eaglesat (health equipments), Ecadil (chemical and pharmaceutical industry), Extrato Flora (cosmetics), Life´s (energy and food supplements), Soggiorno Caffé (premium coffe industry) and the BBOM+ Telecom division, belong to the Embrasystem Group, with products and services available to the promotion and distribution BBOM+ channel.

This group employs more than 500 people directly and 3000 indirectly, people who are helping to build this business. Due to the growth of the last few months, we now have to speed up the shape of the organization to keep providing quality services to our associates and clients. The industrial, commercial and administrative premises of Embrasystem are available to anyone who wants to know us and what we do.

What is BBOM+ mission:

BBOM+´s mission is to generate consistent long-term source of income, that can produce monthly revenue to our franchises from a small investment, through a fundamentalist and disciplined process of active management.

The BBOM+ teams analyze periodically every beneficiary of this process and monthly reports are available in the franchises´ private area, which guarantees the effectiveness of the process.

BBom+ has a great variety of products for its micro-franchises: Coffe Kits, water-treatment kits, beauty products, energy drinks, shoes, clothing, perfumes, food supplements, stationery´s, pocket-food, relaxation products, mattresses and geolocators.

BBom+ HQ is located in Rua Raul Narezzi, 98, Indaiatuba, São Paulo, Brazil. In Portugal, the distribution center is in Cascais in the Rua dos Selões, 153 2645-146 Alcabideche.

Inauguration of the Distribution Centre in Portugal:

According to experts, the main advantages of micro-franchises are the low investment needed to start a business and the quick return of that investment.

The majority of these franchises doesn´t need a commercial place and can be run from home. That reduces operational costs (rent, transport, meals, etc.), and labor recruitment.

That´s why the growth model has been so successful in Brazil and in the rest of the World. Almost 50% of Brazilians wants to have their own business without having to make a huge investment.

There are several ways:
Direct Sale: You can sell the products available in your personal area and be paid a high percentage of those sales.


-Referral Bonus: For each Micro-Franchise you recommend directly, you get binary points (which will be converted in cash), and a cash value corresponding to the Micro-Franchise you recommended. E.g.:


Besides the direct value of the sale of each Micro-Franchise, you also earn $2 from the 2nd to the 6th level (in the case of Micro-Franchise 3).


-Share Revenue Bonus: With this bonus, you´ll earn a monthly income of $212 in case you have a Micro-Franchise 3 (in the first year). This bonus comes from the installations of the geolocalization service. The value of this bonus increases 25% in the second and 12.5% in the third year.




-BBom+ Bonus+: This bonus pays up to 10% and until the 4th level of the binary produced by your team every week. For instance, in the end of a week, in case you have a MF3 and a direct affiliate who earned $1000, you get 10% of that value, $100.


-Building Incentive: BBom+ offers their active micro-franchises, a share of its monthly profit.


-Binary Bonus: The Binary points are generated by each Micro-Franchise you recommend directly. That means if you sell a MF1 you get 200pts; a MF2 you get 600pts; a MF3 you get 1000pts.


Depending on your Micro-Franchise, you earn a percentage of your network binary points production daily. For instance, when you earned the same points in both legs you earned $278.


-One-level reward: This bonus is paid depending on the movement of products in your network. That means that depending on your level within the company, you get 3% until the level 10 of the quantity of products acquired by your organization.


-Growth of the qualification plan: BBom also rewards the progression of its Micro-Franchises depending on its level. Besides, we can see in the following table how many points we need to have in both legs to reach a certain level and the daily limit of earnings that level allows.


Master Executive:
















No! There are several ways to profit from BBom+ without creating a distribution network. We can obtain earnings by selling products available in the back office, and get a commission on its selling value.

We can also obtain profits by acquiring 3 micro-franchises (one big and two small, for instance) in order to reach the requirements for the building bonus.

Your job is to promote the products and the opportunities of BBom+ and Lazy Millionaires.

Naturally, you can promote anything you want in the future, but for you to begin and learn, you should use the system you already have available.

How? Through the publicity to generate contacts of people interested in getting extra income, make money and have a presence online.

This promotion is done with the blog, social networks, advertising, email marketing, etc. To help in this promotion, we make available several tools inside the Lazy Millionaires Backoffice.

These tools are landing pages, videos explaining the business, training, autoresponder (Email Marketing), and promotion programs, among others.

As such, your job is to promote and marketing so interested people sign up to know more.

From that moment on, those contacts enter in the funnel marketing system that will sell to your contacts through the videos without you having to sell them anything.

They simply assist a presentation, and if they don´t buy right away, they will receive an email to clarify their doubts and to help them making a decision.

Scenario 1:


Scenario 2:


Scenario 3:


Scenario 4:


What you can win is entirely up to you. The most important elements affecting your ability to reach greatness and success, in any business, are your attitude and mind-set.

If you make part of this project and give 100% of your energy now, follow step-by-step the action plan given to you and work hard, there is nothing stopping you from making the money you wish.

There are people who come with the intention to make an extra $500 to $1,000 per month, and there are others who earn more than $1,000 to $10,000 per day.

In fact, it all comes down to your personal goals, aspirations and dreams, along with the will and the amount of work, energy, time, effort and resources you are willing to put into the business, to earn the money you want

Yes! You can upgrade your Micro-franchise when you want without it representing any change in your network. The only thing that will change are your earnings, since acquiring a higher MF will ALWAYS bring more earnings!

There are several ways to make the payment of your Micro-Franchise. If you couldn´t do it with a credit card, try one of the following methods:

-Banking transfer : You can pay to the company´s Portuguese bank account if you are in Europe: Banco Português de Investimento - BPI Rua Miguel Bombarda, 371 2775-248 Parede Portugal Beneficiary Name: PAYMOBB, LDA. Swift code: BBPIPTPL Acct# 0010 0000 51070680001 05 O IBAN é: PT50001000005107068000105 

- System Wallet
- Advcash
- Payeer
- OKPay
- Bitcoin
- Tronipay

No! In pyramid schemes, or "ponzi", people make money with the participation of others.

If there is no product to substantiate the transactions or to add value to the network, whenever someone receives more than what has spent, it is because they ran out of the money.

They are also pyramids, systems that use overvalued products (e.g. a pencil for $5000) just to "justify" the movement of money. The fraud remains because you cannot buy the pencil of this example and go sell it off the net for a profit (the value of the "product" is only a gimmick).

To find out if a system is pyramid or not, ask yourself: where does the money to pay the participants come from´ If it is the entry of new participants, the answer is clear: it is pyramid.

Sometimes the difficulty may be seeing behind the "$5000 pencil" that some companies create to hide the reality.

The BBom+ sells Geolocators (GPS), magnetic mattresses, coffee, perfume, energy drinks, clothing, Sale Machine, among others.

Some people (and you, probably) when they don´t have adequate information may get seriously damaged, by adhering to scams, and by becoming so afraid of these schemes that they put everything in the same bag and damage their lives by not taking a powerful and legitimate opportunity.

It´s actually very simple to understand.

Anyone who buys one or more micro-franchises BBOM+ becomes a micro-franchise. As such, they have an active participation in the company's profits.

For example:

You participate with the purchase of 3 franchises (one MF3 in the amount of $1000 and two MF1 worth $250 each) totalling $1500.

This value is applied by the company Embrasystem (the holding company that owns the majority capital of about 23 companies of the footwear industries, clothing, energy drinks, dietary supplements, perfumes, etc.) in the perfume industry, for instance.

Let's assume that each perfume bottle reaches the end of the production line at a cost of $5 and then is sold to distributors or branch companies to retail for $55. The differential of $50 is distributed to all micro-franchises who are qualified to receive the builder bonus (tripod of 3 franchises).

Simple, right? 

In BBOM+ there are 8 methods of earnings, generating a monthly, weekly or even daily residual income. It all depends on the way you want to work. If you want to understand a little more about the revenue BBom has to offer see the question " 6- How do I Actually Make Money?".

Yes! BBOM+ does not make money only with the marketing plan multilevel. BBOM+ is a retail company of various products and with advertising in the main stations of the country, such as the TV Globo and TV Record. So, even if no one joins the multilevel of the company, it still makes money commercializing its products.

BBom+ offers a wide range of income through bonuses or commissions. Depending on the type of bonus/commission, such income may be paid immediately (by commission from the sale of a product or an indication), daily, weekly and/or monthly.

You receive your commissions/Bonuses on your BackOffice of BBom+, and you can do the take the fee payment by the Credit Card BBom+.

BBom+ start in February2013.

When you join the Lazy Millionaires team you will not only have the support of your sponsor, but you will also have access to our private group on Facebook, the BackOffice training in Portuguese, Spanish and English, online training, webinars, google hangouts, etc.

You have also the option to join our advertising group, using our capture pages and follow-up messages, establishing 90-day plans that can take you from scratch to success as quickly as you want and are willing to work and to invest in this project.

You can qualify for a special tutor within the training programs of the Lazy Millionaires.

To start, you need at least a micro-franchise worth $250. What happens is that over 99 % of our members choose to acquire 3 Micro-Franchises, one worth $1000 and two worth $250, to receive the builder bonus) and also acquire the BackOffice Lazy Millionaire by 23 Euros per month.

To be part of BBom+, you have to choose one of the following membership plans:

MF1 = $250

MF2 = $500

MF3 = $1000

These amounts already include a registration fee of $15.

As in any Franchising there is a Royalties fee to be paid, for instance, the Micro-Franchisees have associated with their franchises a monthly value of $33 for one year. This value refers to the use of the tools available to generate business, use of trademarks rights, virtual offices, means of payment, virtual stores and other tools that will be part of the benefits offered by BBom.

You may also need some extra tools to build your professional structure on the internet, such as:

- Our member website (backoffice in Portuguese) with all the tools, training, video lessons, marketing systems, and support in Portuguese, English and Spanish, to support all members (monthly subscription of 23 Euros with 50% commission on each monthly subscription)

- An autoresponder service to manage your contact list via email, in this case the PTSender (monthly subscription of 22 Euros with 30% commission on each monthly subscription)

All these monthly operating costs end up becoming another source of income, since they work with affiliate programs. Thus, they are no longer costs and become investments. However, what you will spend marketing and promoting is entirely up to you.

The decision on what to invest in marketing and advertising is entirely yours. We teach you a complete battery of marketing methods that fit into any budget. Here it is!

Yes. You have no mandatory link to the company and, at any time, you can stop paying the monthly subscriptions that give you access to your products and services.

Simple. The philosophy is: the door to enter is great, but to get out is even greater. With this we mean that the policy is to give the best to accommodate everyone and help everyone, but facilitate the departure of those who want to leave.

Yes, enabling the builder bonus.

The Bbom+ shares the company's monthly income by the people with the builder bonus, up to a value 3x the franchise of 3 franchises tripod vertex.

How can I activate the bonus builder?

For example: If you buy a MF3 and two MF1, and put those same MF1 on each side of MF3, you will thus be eligible for this bonus.

MF3 1 960.53 EUR + 2 MF1 worth 250 EUR = 1460.53 EUR (values include the activation fee)

This tripod gives a value of 2842.11 EUR. This amount may be paid up to 12 months after qualifying for the bonus builder, but the company makes the effort to anticipate this payment so you can have this income as soon as possible. This usually happens on average from 3 to 4 months.

The bonus can be activated with your own franchises or referring two people in those positions.

This bonus gives you a huge safety in this project because even if you do not recruit anyone or do not sell a single product, you can make money.

This is an effort that the company makes to help you capitalize rapidly as the company's franchisee and help you to reach higher flights.

You can however take advantage of all other forms of earnings that the company has at your disposal, and if you want those bonuses, they only depend on your work. So you can earn much more, or not earn nothing at all.

Here's why: If you fail, lose interest in things quickly, if you´re lazy, if you are one of those people who says they are willing to do what we say, but when we show you what to do, just do don´t do it or do something completely different, in this case you cannot make money.

But if you are one of those people who goes into action, that will give this project their full focus, that knows how to follow a step-by-step system and that takes seriously their future and will do everything to achieve their dreams and objectives, there is no way not to make a lot of money.

In short, if you were super excited reading this and thinking how desperately you want to be part of it, then we can help you make money!

Indeed, the choice is yours. If you want to learn and are willing to be trained, if you have the right winning attitude, the entrepreneurial spirit and not employee mentality, you know how to follow instructions and follow our step-by- step system, there is no reason in the world why you cannot expect and you get fantastic results in BBom+ and with the Lazy Millionaires League.

Of course you can! Most of our affiliates who started WITHOUT having any list: they built their list from scratch with what they learned from the training of the Lazy Millionaires League.

If you have a list, excellent, but it is not an essential condition. As long as you take guidance and training we give you, you will know how you can have hundreds of people ASK YOU information about your business very quickly!

No! When you become an affiliate of the Lazy Millionaires League you will have immediate access to a complete catalogue of landing pages, business presentation pages and marketing materials in Portuguese, English and Spanish that you will use to build your business.

Our products teach you how to generate a HUGE amount of traffic to any website. You will not "buy contacts" for no reason. We will reveal to you the secrets of the best MARKETERS, so you never have to go back to worrying about getting contacts!

Great! Many of our affiliates (including some of the top-selling) have actually multiple businesses and use the tools and the training of the Lazy Millionaires League to greatly increase the results in their other fronts.

We have a very strong code of ethics and inflexible with regards to "cross recruiting? (recruiting affiliates to other businesses within the Lazy Millionaires) - it is completely forbidden. Thus, it is safe for leaders to bring their organizations to learn how to make a business on the Internet.

Yes, most people start in part-time, combining with anything else you are doing at the moment: a job, another business, taking care of children, etc.

You can start using BBom+ with only 1 hour a day, and then increase from there as your income grows. Some of our members who earn more, work in BBom+ only a few hours a day and earn tens of thousands of dollars per month!

No. That's not how success works. We realize that you may be in financial trouble but, instead of asking for a helping hand, you need to take a step forward, be a leader and understand a simple fact: there is no lack of money, there is a lack of ideas.

Turn off the TV, get off Facebook, turn off your phone, take a pencil and a paper and take note of all your resources as well as 10 ways to make money in the next 24 hours. You may not have money, but you have the resources. Use them. It's simpler than you think!